WP Theme Detector


About WordPress Theme Detector :

WordPress Theme Detector is desktop or laptop computers on your office desk. This tool also provides a lot of information details that fit best on a large screen.

Tool like WordPress Theme Detector is not intended to be used from any kind of location and from mobile devices. The detector was not developed for sniffing around other people´s websites, but as a valuable tool for learning from others how to achieve some particular looks or functionalities on your own site or on the websites you develop for your clients.


The tool is most relevant for WordPress users, who want to stay updated with the new themes. This tool helps you to identify which themes are more effective in generating traffic.


WordPress Theme Detector is beneficial, as it will not require you money to analyze a certain page. After entering the page URL, the result is generated in a few seconds. This makes the detector an easy and quick tool for cost-less finding of information about the theme and plugins a website is currently using.

With this tool, you can easily update your pages free of cost. Keep always update your pages and make them more accurate with help of this tool. The tool can help you to keep more competitive than others who are more financially capable. Use WP Theme Detector now!


At last it is a free tool that you can use to primarily detect the theme of a particular WordPress site.