backlink-makerBuilding Quality backlinks is one of the most important factors in Search Engine Optimization.

It is not enough just to have a lot of backlinks, it is the Quality of backlinks along with the Quantity that help you rank better in Search Engines.

Backlink Checker




This free backlink checker tool is designed to show you everything you need to know about the quality of your links. You’ll see exactly how many backlinks exist in total. Only 10 results are shown per page, and you can navigate through each page in the bottom right corner. Each result will show you the link source, or the exact page that contains the link to your web page. Clicking each link will open that page in a new tab or window. To the right, you’ll find the Google Page Rank of the web page containing your source backlink. The next column to the right will tell you what anchor text is used to describe your web site or page, if applicable. The last column notifies you of any red flags; particularly if a link is tagged no follow.

How Does The Backlink Check Tool Work?

The backlink check tool is running test series to determine how many backlinks are pointing to the website or link you entered. Additional information is also being collected including anchor text used, Page Rank of the backlink source, and any potential flags or warnings for each individual link.

A backlink could be considered as a Quality Backlink if
1. The Theme of the backlinking website is the same as your website.
2. It links to your website with the keyword (keyphrase) that you are trying to optimize for.

This tools searches for websites of the theme you specify that contain keyphrases like “Add link”, “Add site”, “Add URL”, “Add URL”, “Submit URL”, “Add Article” etc. Most of the results could be quality potential backlinks.

A link audit may be much more complicated and in depth than just running this tool. A complete link audit should be done approximately once a year and you can use the information to determine which link building areas (blog comments, guest blogs, social bookmarking, etc.) are most effective, when it comes to bringing more traffic to your website.

Backlink Maker


How Does The Backllink Maker Tool Work?

The best backlinks are valuable, relevant, authentic, and from authority webpages. They require more work on your part, but the long and short term results are very rewarding. This back link generator wills jumpstart your quality link building campaign.

You can also use the Backlink Check Tool to see more details about your inbound links, and then check the value of each individual link using the free Link Analysis Tool.