An SEO Audit is a thorough review of a website, its content, architecture and how it works from an SEO perspective by analyzing both On‐Page and Off‐Site factors including a backlink profile and social strategy review. The audit will provide a report with recommendations based on findings; it will detail information on any issues and how to fix them.

SEO Image will offer insight on the following methodologies from a SEO perspective by analyzing the Website:

Analysis of dynamic content and site structure

Backlink profile review.

Site architecture including scripting, CSS, Table Structures, etc.

Site Scope‐ size in the search engines (assures proper site indexing).

Code Analysis (validation and W3C compliance).

Usability (report if major issues are found).

Proper Sitemap Check (if applicable).

Site Content Analysis ‐ Use of code and keywords.

Redirect Checks ‐ performs redirect of all domains and link validity check.

And other findings based specifically on the site we review.

Our SEO Audits are unmatched in depth providing you with information to help your site become optimized for search and social.

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