social-bookmarking-bannerThe below discussed trends in SEO would surely help you better to make decision as well as changes to adopt to your existing strategy in SEO in the year 2017. Let us have a look the top seven search engine optimization trends to implement in this year, which you should never miss.

Better Optimization from Searchers’ Perspective – If you are an SEO specialist, then you must know the benefits of optimization on user or searcher perspective. As per the Humming bird updates, Google generally likes those content and relevant data that uses or searchers like to search. It is true that the content you post on your website or blog should be good in terms of quality and standard, but at the end of the day, your searchers and their queries are the concern.
Optimization for Image and Video Content – When you are optimizing the entire website, you certainly not miss optimizing the video as well as image content. As an SEO, you must know that images and videos are some of the major parts in your entire SEO strategy and you need to look after them as you look after other things while doing a strong SEO plan for your website or blog.
Google’s Accelerate Mobile Page – Google’s accelerated mobile page often called Google’s AMP, one of the most important things that most of the digital marketing specialists believe. Google’s is giving additional priority to this only. If your website or blog not connected or verified with AMP, then you should do it immediately. If you do not know where to do it, you can visit Google’s Webmaster tool and you will get to see there.
Google’s Markup of Structured Data – If you do follow the Humming bird or Penguin update, then you must know that Google has given extra priority on markup and structured data, which is one of the most important things as well.
Speedy Mobile Index – Test your website or blog seep or loading time. There are many software or online applications available by which you can get the speed time or loading time of your website or blog. If your website or blog takes more than 4 seconds to load on the browsers then talk to your developer team to do the necessary things.
Speedy Voice Search – With the rapid development of Artificial Intelligence and rank brain more emphasis will be provided to voice search by Google, so keep updating it for better search rankings.
Google’s Featured Snippets & Answer Box – Search engines’ main concern is to provide best of the best user-experience and Google is not an exception. The question and answer type sentences or content would get more priority by Google’s snippets search, for instance “Most of the people believe” etc.
The above described some important, yet effective SEO trends or tips for 2017 can give you a smart boost in search engines, especially on Google. With the help of the trends or tips mentioned above, you can design your own SEO plan that will surely help you gain the upper-hand over your organization’s business and make more competitive in 2017.

By Devraj Infosys