Building a solid follower base is a task in itself, but what do you do after you’ve gained followers? You can share with them products, services, videos, images, etc. but you need to convert them into customers. The following steps can help make those followers into customers.

Know Your Audience

Determining who to market your business to is not as easy as it sounds. It’s important to understand who will be purchasing your goods and services, compared to who you think will be. Once the audience is determined make sure the content being shared and targeted at them is strictly for them. Make it relatable, give them a reason to click on it and share it with their friends. This type of content will help entice users to click to your site and begin the checkout process. Make the content helpful and entertaining, it should answer common questions that users are having.

Offer Deals

Everyone loves a deal, especially if it’s limited or they are on the fence about making the purchase. It’s common for users to follow a company on social media before they make a purchase. For instance, many users follow GoPro, they share some amazing videos and photos that users love to see. Followers may not own a GoPro camera, however, if the right deal or offer is presented to them through social media they may consider purchasing one. There’s many different types of deals you can offer as well. Free shipping, discounts on older items, first chance at new items, and even contest to receive products. Curious if these offers work? A 2016 study shows 9 out of 10 consumers say free shipping is #1 incentive to make a purchase. Offers like this can help give the consumer the extra nudge to make the purchase.

Build Custom Landing Pages

As mentioned above it’s important to know your audience and provide them with offers. However, once these users click to your page you’ll want them to have a personalized experience. This is done by creating custom landing pages aimed at these specific users. These pages can mention the offer that is available or reference questions the followers had about the product. Constructing a great landing page takes work, and these features can help build a successful landing page.

Create Events

By creating events that are aimed at your users you can give them exclusive treatment to your business. These events can be offers, sneak peek into new products, or a simple meet and greet. For example, if you’re launching a new product, create an event where users can come down and see it in action. Invite users who have engaged with your content and expressed interest in your products. Give them the opportunity to witness the product first-hand, this can help encourage the follower to finally make that purchase.

Promote Your Followers

Lets use GoPro as an example again. When one of their followers posts an awesome picture GoPro will post it to their social media and tag the appropriate contributor. Users take much pride in being promoted by major companies and will brag on their social media accounts. Now in this scenario the users being promoted are already consumers and have the products at their disposal. There are other ways to promote users who are not yet consumers. If someone asks a great question through social media, share it with all your followers. Chances are others have had the same or similar question. The users asking the questions will find their questions being answered and them being mentioned within your post.