Search engines mainly Google have become a market driven tool which lead us to question their future role in the digital world. Search engines’ main role is highlighting integrity, relevance and objectivity. Today Google, Bing, Yahoo, Baidu and Yandex are five companies controlling most of the Internet’s information flow in five continents. Although their intentions are good, but they are filed with political and commercial strategies of their own which affect negatively organic search results.

Many Internet users have lost their trust on Google due to various issues such as: being close to monopoly, inability to fix negative SEO and privacy issues.

Google search engine’s greatest challenge is negative SEO. Businesses outrank each others’ websites by creating loads of links in order to take their place in search results.

Link building is one of the legitimate processes of search engine optimization.  Without link building a website cannot and will not appear online. I have been testing it in different ways and believe businesses must not stop using this strategy.

Why do companies need link building SEO?

All these social media, video promotion, PR and link popularity are connected to link building SEO. Although link building alone is not effective, however taking out this important process will cripple both a website’s visibility and a search engine. A website without link building will have no online presence.

Why Google is trying to disapprove these activities?

Because they cannot find a solution for negative SEO.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a crucial online marketing technique. It helps a business to get their web site to appear in search engine result pages (SERPs) for keywords that are relevant to their business.

Business owners should implement SEO link building, social media marketing and video promotion in their organic search engine optimization campaign. Search engine marketing if it is done right, will increase sales.

How can you find the right expert?

Each project is different and the online world is filled with search engine optimization companies.

  • How can you choose the right company?
  • Should you rely on a company’s reviews?
  • Or should you contact their customers?

You should look at the potential SEO Company’s website and their portfolio. Give them a call and discuss your situation and goals.  Take note of their professional nature, their history, case studies and vision for your online presence. Pay attention to their replies. Even the busiest companies should be quick in replying a presale inquiry. Customer service is the most important component in an online business.  Check out their blogs and social media channels. A Good seo expert always gives you the right personal recommendation for your business. You should ask the right questions from them in order to get the right answer.  If the company gives you a cliché reply or do not apply an in-depth analysis and marketing plan, they may not be a suitable company for you. You are the only one who can judge a SEO company or an SEO expert.

How much money should you invest in your digital marketing business?

You have to calculate how much you should invest in marketing in order to gain profit. A quality SEO campaign is not cheap. It requires manual processes, analysis, keyword matrix research and much more.   A quality keyword matrix is not free either. Those free keyword research which some companies advertise are their strategy to capture leads. They are not real keyword matrix.

Hiring a cheap SEO company will cost you dearly. It all depends on how you approach them and what questions you ask.  We all are adults and have the ability of choosing who is the right company and who is a snake oil salesman. Choose your SEO Company wisely.

What should you do if you operate alone?

You should apply link building SEO and social media marketing strategies and have at least three experts by your side in order to succeed in the business: a sales expert, an SEO and search marketing expert and a social media expert.

Search engines have been teetering in many years in order to milk more revenue from owned and operated properties, your goal as a small business owner should be focusing on the core value of your business operation.

Focus on making a difference and add value. Connect with interesting people who are not afraid of change. No one make something for everyone, so focus on targeting the right audience and add value. If you are not making sales, then you are not doing it right.

Sometimes in business we have to embrace uncertainty and do it anyway. Because without taking the risk, we have a little chance to succeed.

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