Isn’t surprise that social media is one of the most powerful marketing platform today.

If your business is currently not doing well when it comes to social media marketing. It’s not too late for you to find out how to better your strategy and truly enjoy the benefits that come with social media.

  • Go Deep, Not broad

A common tactic by marketers and businesses concerning social media marketing is covering all possible bases. This is done hopefully reach as much of the market possible.

However, you may be spreading yourself too thin, and with so many accounts to manage you might find yourself having minimal time to centre your efforts with engagement and monitoring audience movement.

Find and choose three most optimal website, then develop a deep engagement level with your ideal market there.

Keep in mind that while the top 5 social media sites may be the obvious platform to focus on, there is also other platform where certain types of niches can be found.

  • Focus on the influencers

Influencers are highly important for your business’s social media marketing efforts, especially is your niche involves.

Spend time finding influencers within your market that are followed by quality audiences which more than likely to be interested in your business.

Connected and build relationship with them, and if they deem you as an interesting source of information, they will share your content with their followers, gaining you access to a new audience.

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  • Make your videos more sophisticated

2016 saw an increased in the use of videos for brands and the huge impact it had on marketing.

Many consumers said they were convinced to make a purchase choice after viewing a brand’s Video.

And many people claimed to have watched a video to learn about a product or service they were interested in.

Despite of 63% of business were recorded to be taking advantage of videos right now.

But 2017 is the year to change this, especially since it has proven to be an effective and excellent way of gathering interest engagement.

Live streaming can be gateway for business to make a strong impact as it provides real-time engagement with the brand and the audience. Platform such as facebook, twitter and instagram allow live video streaming for a variety of purposes, such as interviews, Q&A session, and brand events.

  • Optimize your facebook ads

Ads continue to be a popular social media marketing tool with its huge benefits. it can allow your content to appear in the news feeds of your target audience.

It can also help you test products and message and gather feedback to improve on your future campaigns.

Facebook ads can be optimized further using the power Editor for any of the following:

Comments, post like, link click, photo view, share, post engagement, post story, claim offer and video play.

This gives facebook the relevant conversion information it needs to help you gather the specific action relevant to your business goals.

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  • Grow your audience

While facebook doesn’t have the option of following fans of a page. Twitter, Google+, Pinterest and instagram can allow business to search for social media users based on their biography or mutual following and follow them.

Make following/follower management a part of your business’ social media routine, even for a few minutes a day.

  • Switch up content formats

If you are running out of content to post to your social media accounts, it’s always an option to change formats.

Not only does it allow you to visit back past content and update them if necessary, it also allows you to maximize the full potential of your content by improving your overall reach.

Changing content formats can go anywhere from converting blog post to video presentation like watchMojo’s Top 10s of your you tube account, to converting snippets of your articles into images As a series of tips for your fan base.

  • Build relationship

Building a good and strong relationship with your brands should not only be between your marketer’s   influencers or your company’s shareholders.

Always acknowledge people who reach out to you, be it good or bad reviews, Questions, and other types of engagement.

Be available to them and participate in conversations, especially since customer services-even online –matters now, not only for your customers but to the potential ones as well.

  • Never forget the patience

It is the end; social media marketing success is not an overnight Phenomenon.

It takes an incredible amount of hard work, understanding of the niche and of the platforms where you’re concentrated on, and a lot of adjustments.

While you may want to commit to ways that promise you social media marketing success in a flash, sticking to a long-term plan will make sure that your 15 minutes of fame isn’t all that you get.

However, if you keep these tips in mind and apply them accordingly, you’re sure to be on your way to social media marketing success sooner than you expected!

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