In the digital age, social media has become a crucial component of any brand’s online efforts, providing it with unprecedented, direct access to its target audiences. With many consumers turning to social media first to learn about the latest trends, products and services, organizations that lack a robust social media presence run the risk of being overlooked. Utilizing social media is not only inexpensive, but also one of the most efficient ways for a company to humanize itself, maximizes its reach, and grows its customer base.

Devraj Infosys’s Social Media Department, home to an experienced team of community managers, helps our clients in Vadodara and Gujarat to create dynamic online communities across social media channels, allowing companies to build relationships with their consumers in real time. Through a customized social media strategy, we engage with your target audience through targeted ads, enhancing brand recognition and loyalty among the users who matter the most while also amplifying word of mouth.

What We Offer:


Social Media Consultancy

We use our industry knowledge, strategic vision and technical experience to help your company navigate the ever-changing world of social media, making the most of the social media channels to achieve your goals.

Social Media Strategy Development

Setting goals that correspond with your business objectives, Devraj Infosys develops a customized, fully-trackable and cost-effective strategy, including social media campaigns, competitions, advertising, and much more. After identifying your target audience and the social media platforms they use most, we define the key messages and suitable tone of voice for your online communications, allowing us to develop an online persona compatible with your brand identity. Once the strategy has been implemented, we continuously measure and analyze results to ensure its success.

Social Media Crisis Management

We work proactively to limit speculation and negative online chatter, identifying potential crises before they have the chance to escalate and tailoring our response according to the unique circumstances of each situation. Implementing crisis management strategies devised in collaboration with our PR Consultancy Department, Our social media expert team is ready to leap swiftly into action, preventing damage to your brand’s reputation.

Social Media Training for Clients’ In-house Teams

Sharing our expertise with your team, we provide training opportunities to your senior management and in-house marketing team, helping them to build and sustain their social media presence. From choosing the right online platforms to introducing you to the latest social media trends, we take you through the entire process, ensuring that both of our teams are in sync and ready to work for the good of your company.

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