Why Facebook Retargeting Is the NXTGEN of Social Media Marketing

You did your research. You created a great FACEBOOK AD and you got it in front of the people that needed to see it. Some of them even clicked through to your website. But just because they’ve seen what you’re selling doesn’t mean that they’re buying… yet. What do you do now? Facebook retargeting!


If your ad already has the attention of your audience, then the hard work has been done. Once you’ve found and reached your target, finding and reaching them again is easy… but people don’t do it!

Think of it like this. You’re in a room trying to promote your business and someone comes over and talks to you. You can carry on the conversation with the person who has shown interest, or you can walk on to someone else to try and get their attention. You carry on talking, right?



That’s what retargeting is about – carrying on the conversation with your customer. You can use FACEBOOK PIXEL and other tools find out when customers have gone to your website. Retargeting uses visitor data to serve your ads to people who have already expressed interest in your brand by visiting your website.


Unlike other advertising, which gets less effective with repetition, the conversion rate trends upwards with remarketing? And that’s just by showing them the same ad again. Using FACEBOOK PRODUCT ADS, you can change the message based on the customer’s previous interaction, which reduces ad fatigue. That’s not just in Facebook either:

  • Retargeting boosts search performance up to 74%,
  • It boosts mail up to 68%.
  • It also boosts other display ads by 61%.
  • Retargeting isn’t just great by it; it makes other forms of advertising better too.

RETARGETING doesn’t just boost a specific product or service; it’s also great for brand building. Re-targeting can result in a 147% higher conversion rate over time.

The benefits don’t end there. It has a better return on investment. That’s because it targets the 20% of existing customers who provide 80% of a company’s revenue, but is also great at delivering new customers who spend money.

Retargeting also increases engagement on Facebook and Facebook Exchange allows for easy retargeting of specific users. It can also be used on mobile, Youtube and combined with offline marketing with CRM retargeting.


Imagine you were that shopper and think how much more likely you would be to buy that product!

Facebook retargeting is the evolution of advertising. It uses the power of Facebook to get your message to the right consumers. More importantly, it gives consumers the adverts they want and are more likely to engage with.

If you had a sales team in a room with 100 people who were interested in your business, you would fire them if they only got two people to sign on dotted line. RETARGETING is the best way to try and get deals from the other 98 people in the room.

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