Marketing operations is fast becoming the engine of growth for organizations. Marketing operations are customer targeting, content marketing, lead nurturing, and campaign management behind modern marketing –have become critical to driving measurable demand for several reasons.

Why Up your Marketing Engine?

  • Content drives the growth Strategy of a business;
  • Demand creation and Visual sales outcomes are the new scorecard for marketing success;
  • Growth depends on making the most of the email, website, marketing cloud and e-commerce investments that are already in place;
  • It takes new skills and disciplines to turn data, insights, and analytics into margin, conversion and growth;
  • The problem is most of our clients struggle to establish, resource and scale a robust marketing operations organization.
  • Marketing operations is a relatively new function without an established budget precedent for many companies.
  • Marketing operations requires new skills in Brand Publishing, Analytics, Inbound Marketing and search engine optimization that don’t reside in most organizations.

This is because advanced marketing programs – and almost everything important to growing the business – increases the volume of content and data and increase the cost, and complexity of marketing operations.  Social media, digital marketing, inbound marketing and SEO programs require more personalized content elements, customer touch points, targeting personas, and content marketing campaigns to be effective.

 The big questions marketers need to answer are:

  • How can we support our owned and earned marketing channels without adding staff and costs?
  • What systems, processes and skills can reduce the cost and complexity of marketing operations?
  • How can we execute and adapt our approach faster than the competition and customer trends?

We help our clients establish, scale, and execute their growth programs in owned and earned media by extending their marketing teams with our in-house marketing operations expertise and resources.

Our Marketing Operations services provide the skills transfer, speed to market and accountability needed to make the most of the digital marketing assets and infrastructure you have. Our interdisciplinary teams can drive faster growth with less cost and complexity by:

  • Creating content strategies and assets to drive traffic, changes minds and convert inquiries to leads;
  • Developing and execute programs to generate engagement in social, SEO and influencer channels;
  • Executing targeted campaigns that leverage marketing automation and CMS platform potential;
  • Using analytics to refine targeting, optimize performance and quantify sales outcomes;

Drive Demand by Firing up Your Marketing Engine Room.

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