YouTube is 3rd most popular website in the world. Despite of its popularity and huge potential leads to companies, many business owners tend to shun away from it, because they are afraid of trying new marketing method. The world is changing; especially in this digital age, people’s shopping behavior is changing rapidly. Those who fail to adopt such changes are doomed to fail. In fact, video marketing has been slowly taking over all other marketing methods, such as content marketing. YouTube is the only one that you can huge benefits from social media marketing and search engine marketing, because people like YouTube and Google loves it as well.

Promoting your business on YouTube is cost effective. If your video is good, it will have a huge potential of going viral, which will generate tons of leads for you for free. Also, we all know that Google owns YouTube, so YouTube video will be ranked on Google search results better than all other video websites.

Following Are Some of Good Reasons to promote your brand on Youtube

  • Wide Audience

YouTube has over billion video views per day. Of course, targeted audiences are better, YouTube become a very effective marketing tool. The best part is Google doesn’t charge you if a user do not finish watching your ads on YouTube,your targeted audiences can also reach a tremendous amount of reaches.

  • Cost Effective

You only get charged if a user finishes watching your YouTube ads on the video or clicks on your ads. Considering a huge amount of potential leads, it is a great investment to reach out to those who are interested in your service or product.

  • Making a Video is Easy

There are basically at least two types of video. You can do actionable videos, which is get in front of camera and do recording, or you can do slide videos. If you are one of those who are shunning away from video, the best bet would be doing a slide video. It is quite simple, you just take some pictures or slides, and upload to YouTube, and YouTube will convert them into a video. But, a slide video is not very attractive and effective, because people like to see actionable videos, not some boring slide videos. Making an actionable video is very affordable, you only need to spend like a couple of hundred bucks, and you can get an amazing video made. After that, you can simply upload it to YouTube, and SEO optimize title and description. YouTube does the rest to reach out potential audiences and leads for you.5910874b0b944.jpg

  • Increasing Brand Awareness

Nowadays, everything is about brands. People are only going to buy services or products from you if your brand is good. No one is going to buy products or services, if such company has a lousy brand or reputation. Marketing on YouTube can dramatically increase your brand awareness, because of its wide range of audience.

To be effectively marketing online, true marketers has strived into the video marketing in additional to content marketing.

Therefore, for any business to survive and thrive, one needs to understand people’s online behavior. If people like to watch video online, one needs to utilize a ways to fulfill such desires or behavior. As long as internet exists, video marketing will not go away. Mastering video marketing can only benefit you in a long term.